Lace Earring Holder DIY

by Amy Draughon

Here are some really easy DIY ideas for your earrings. 

The best part is, they all use one of my most favorite things:


For these projects it is easiest to use lace trims. You can buy them by the yard, or sometimes I just buy them from the "remnant grab bags" at Hancock Fabrics. You can also find lace trims on spools at most fabric or craft stores for a few dollars. It's also possible to use lace scraps or cut the scalloped edge off of lace fabric.

Lace is such a pretty way to hang your earrings. It works great for both dangle and stud earrings.  It's a simple and decorative way to organize!

Pin to the Wall

This is how I hang my earrings in my room now. If you have paneling it is easy to use pins or thumbtacks to stick the lace to the wall. 

However, I will soon be moving to a dorm where you can't put things into the walls! So here are some wall-damage free ways:

Cork Board

The next best thing to pinning lace to the wall is to pin it to a cork board! This is also fun because you can leave pegs to hang your necklaces nearby.

Picture Frame

Here's another cute one: use an old frame or a dollar store picture frame!

Take out the backing and glass. Either staple or hot glue the lace to the back of the frame. Have fun laying out the lace in a fun pattern!

It's also great because you can hang it on the wall or find a place to lean it against.

Flower Pot

Lastly, and maybe my favorite, let a flower pot do double duty as a earring holder and as a place to put things.

If desired, paint the flower pot you match your room.

Use hot glue to wrap the lace trim around the edge of the flower pot.

Hang your earrings!

Maybe you've found a new way to display your earrings? I'm not sure which one I'll using in my dorm next month!