Favorite Shopping Spots in Oak Island / Southport NC

by Amy Draughon

School is finally out and summer has started for the kids around here in North Carolina!

Today I thought I'd share a little bit about my favorite beach to visit in NC: Oak Island. 

Some people enjoy a beach vacation for the sun, sand, and ocean breeze. Those are very nice, but for me, I prefer a getaway that includes...shopping!

The best part about shopping in the Oak Island/Southport area is that there is a great variety of shops. There's something for both the window shoppers and the bargain hunters!

If spending a whole day hopping between shops and boutiques excites you, whether to buy or just explore, this is the place to visit!

Get Thrifty!

In my opinion, thrift shopping is the ultimate treasure hunt! I love looking through items that need a new home.  Of course I'm always on the lookout for sewing materials. The drive between Oak Island and Southport is dotted with thrift stores and consignment shops. 

A couple of our favorites:

  • Thrifty by Nature: Look for the flowered fence as you drive through Southport. You don't want to miss this cute little shop. Thrifty by Nature is my favorite place to look for new jewelry (only $3)! I got my dorm plates and bowls, as well as a beautiful vintage creamer there. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg! If you are looking for bargains or for up-cycling projects, the dozens of thrift stores around Oak Island/Southport won't let you down!

Boutiques/High End

Okay, so maybe thrifting isn't your thing...or you just want to find a great gift or souvenir? Well, walk down North Howe Street in a sundress and sandals and visit the fun boutique shops full of pretty clothes, decor, and trinkets. There is so much eye-candy for those who love to window shop, and beautiful products if you want to purchase and support a local business.

Other Fun 

Last summer we visited a vintage shop called "Stuff", full of clothes, furniture, and odds and ends. I bought a pretty green nightgown there that I love! ("Stuff" is now located inside of Klassy Konsignment). There are many other cool antique shops in Southport as well. Don't forget about furniture! There's plenty in the thrift shops, but being in a beach town there are whole stores dedicated to home decor and furnishing. There's places for the artists to, from craft supply stores to local art displays and shops. 

If you want to shop around Oak Island and Southport, a few google maps searches is all you need to uncover unique places to visit. As you drive around, keep a lookout for small shops and be willing to pull over, go in, and explore!


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Where is your favorite vacation spot? Am I the only one who considers shopping a vacation must-do activity? 

Here's to a great summer!