Graduation Dress

by Amy Draughon

Let me introduce you to my new favorite dress:


It's funny how things work out....

I got this beautiful fabric as a birthday present, back in October. 

Somehow things kept getting in the way of me sewing with it.

I'd originally wanted it to be a Christmas dress...then Valentine's Day...then a spring dress...

I guess it's fitting that the fabric ended up as my Graduation Dress, with school being the thing that monopolized most of my time and energy this past year! 

In the end, I'm glad it took this long! I am absolutely in love with this dress!

The bodice is an improved version of my prom dress. The skirt is gathered and it zips in the back. It was amazing how the dress coordinated perfectly with my graduation regalia!

(But so that you don't think I'm too sentimental about high school, I'll let you know that the real reason graduation needed a special dress was because there was a vintage themed after-party)

Now that I've been a high school graduate for a`few weeks, this feeling of being in-between is hitting hard.

Like yesterday when I had to schedule my next dentist appointment:

I realized I had no idea what days of the week or times of day I would be available in a few months. It was exciting - but a little unnerving - to think that I would no longer be in school from 8:45 to 4:05 every weekday!

For now, I'll enjoy this summer of in-between.

I'm anxious to prepare, ready to start something new, but sad to let go...and at the same time I'm nervous about what's ahead and reluctant to leave old things behind.


Well, at least I've got a pretty dress to accompany me.

And that's all you really need right?