Prom Dress Planning!

by Amy Draughon

Prom is 2 weeks away! 

And if you didn't already guess...I am making my own prom dress.

The planning process has taken many ups and downs and whole lot of decision making. 

And don't forget Pinterest planning.

The first challenge was choosing a color.

For the past couple years I've ad my heart set on olive green. Something to match my eyes and compliment the red in my hair. 

But I also considered yellow, purple, and coral. I kinda wanted something bright and springy. 

Mom and I went to Southpoint Mall to try on dresses, looking at colors and styles.  I liked this dark purple color. But I also tried one that had a grey-green tint to it that I really loved. Structurally my favorite was this blue one with tapered layered skirt. 

I went to both Joann's and Hancock's twice to look over all the fabrics and take in my options. 

The second time around at Joann's I bought this: 

"Olive Night Peachskin"

I got 3 yards of the Silky Solid and 1 yards of the Basic Suiting. I planned to use these for lining and find matching chiffon to make a flowy gown.  

I ordered 5 yards of chiffon online via Stylish Fabrics. I was very pleased with the prices and the prompt shipping from L.A. to NC. They even added a free tote bag and measuring tape in my package!

The only problem was that the fabric color was not what I wanted. 

(I highly suggest that anyone using Stylish Fabric should order samples, if color matching is a priority. The photos online and the actual fabric are nowhere close to being the same color. The only reason I didn't order samples was because it would have cost me $7 and shipping time.)

This green chiffon didn't go with the fabric I bought at Joann's at all. And I didn't look good in the green chiffon because it was too bright and missing the brown/gold undertones. 

Sorry for the grainy photo...but you can tell the shades don't match!

Sorry for the grainy photo...but you can tell the shades don't match!

So with the chiffon fail and not wanting to order any more, I went to plan B. 

I ordered the last 2 yards of Olive Night Suiting from I decided to work with what I had, because I did really love the Olive Night's color and texture (and was sad when I thought I was going to cover it all up in chiffon).

But that night I started thinking about a dress with a less full skirt and realized that if I did that, I already had enough fabric. I suddenly remembered some pretty brown lace I had in my fabric stash too! I was starting to regret the $20 Joann splurge to by fabric I might actually not need.

And then a wonderful thing happened: Joann's emailed me to say they had refunded my order because they were out of stock of Olive Night!

Now that I had my materials set, I was ready to start finalizing my dress pattern!

I made some rough shells of my dress ideas with some spare fabric. I spent a ton of time playing around with the fabrics and draping.  


There's more than just these pictures. I honestly played dress up with my fabrics for 3 days.

You know when you were 7 and wrapped your towel under your arms and pretended you where at the Oscars? Yep, that was me this week...

The plan now is a princess seam bodice fit through the waist with a fabric belt and long 1/4 circle skirt with lace overlay. 

^ but as you can tell, my plans might change at any moment ;)

The one thing not decided on yet is the sleeves! What do you think...subtle poof or flutter sleeves?