#UNC19 Blue Lace Dress

by Amy Draughon

I kinda feel like Elsa wearing blue out in the snow...

Gosh I wish it were spring! 

I am ready for bright colors and lace and florals!


This dress is part of my submission to the #UNC19 contest. 

I've been saving this pretty pale blue lace for a while now. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

But my acceptance in to UNC made it obvious....I needed a Carolina blue dress!

I can't wait to wear this around campus next fall!

I love using lace and a lining! It makes it so easy to have clean edges by using the lining as a facing throughout the dress. 

I made this dress using the Basic 3 Piece Pattern. Assemble the pattern pieces as you normally would: Right sides together starting with the shoulder seams, then the sleeves, and then sew up the sides. 

The skirt is a half circle skirt. Combine the top and the skirt, leaving a seam allowance about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch wide. 

Gather the waist by stretching braid elastic along the seam allowance between the skirt and top. If you stretch out the elastic as you sew, when the elastic relaxes it will gather the fabric (similar to a Wide Elastic Waistband). 

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