Fashions I Want to Try This Spring

by Amy Draughon

I don't know about you, but I have been ready for spring for what feels like forever!!

I'm ready for warm weather, flowers, and blue skies. 

And more than anything, I'm ready for bright, spring fashions!

One of the best things about sewing is that you can test out fashions without too much shopping hassle and money wasting.

Simply grab some spare fabric, make a pattern and test that style out!

Not to mention you can customize to your shape, height, and comfort level when you're in control of your clothing.

Here are the Spring/Summer styles I want to test out:


Hopefully these will still be cool this year, I never got around to it last summer. 

I'm not sure if I have the body type to pull this off, but I find rompers so adorable that I just can't help but want to give them a shot! 

Plus, it's impossible to find rompers with longer shorts in stores, so I'm excited to try out something new!

Printed Colorful Shorts

The hardest thing about wearing knee-length finding them! It's literally impossible - you're better off cutting up the pant legs of your old jeans. 

Since I'm not ready to sew my own jean shorts, I'm going to try bright, print shorts made of silky polyester and chiffon. 

Crop Tops

Don't freak out, I'm not about to bare my mid-drift to the world! 

I am in love with the look of lower cut crop tops paired with high waisted skirts and shorts. It's so sleek and gets rid of all the extra bulk of a tucked in shirt. They are great for layering too!

I'm hoping to make a few in knits...maybe even lace? 


Okay, Pinterest has got me obsessed with the Bohemian look! It's so dreamy and relaxed, but effortlessly chic!

I'm absolutely seeing more maxi's, lace, braids, and headbands in my future!


What fashions are you going to embrace in this beautiful warm weather?

I'm excited to share photos and tutorials about these styles soon!

Enjoy the sunshine :)