Handmade Clothes for Sale (on Facebook)

by Amy Draughon

I hope you've had a good Holiday Break!

I know I'm reluctant to get back in the routine of normal life.

But it's a new year!

And a new year calls for new clothes!

New clothes... for YOU!

I've been busy sewing over Christmas.

And sometimes, designing and sewing for only yourself gets pretty lonely.... (as well as eats at your wallet!)

So I've decided to sell some of my creations over Facebook!

Each item is unique and a one-of-a-kind. 

More details are on Facebook about the designs and the sizing of each piece. 

There's only one of each item, in one size.

Maybe it's destined for you?

Links to the Facebook page are at the top left hand corner of this screen. 

Go there for more details!