5 Ways Pinterest Can Inspire Your Sewing

by Amy Draughon

If you're like me, there's no doubt that a huge part of your summer will be spent on Pinterest, pinning all things pretty!

Although it's extremely addicting, Pinterest is incredibly useful for organizing, researching, and stimulating your creativity. 

But did you know Pinterest can be a sewing fanatic's best friend?

1. Visual Inspiration 

When you create your own designs, one image can be all it takes for you to construct a new piece of clothing. Pinterest is an excellent tool for this! The whole site is based on images!

When you see a picture of a dress, skirt, or outfit that you like, pin it! Make a specific board where you compile images of clothing you feel like you could or would like to recreate. 

Having all these images in one place is super helpful when you've got some pretty fabric and no idea what to do with it. Just go back to your inspiration board and pick something that catches your eye!

My Sewing Inspiration Board is probably my most utilized board (aka: hours of pinning actually pay off!). Check it out!

2. Tutorials and How To's

Pinterest is a great place to find tutorials and sewing tips! I love how you can search a topic or skill and instantly find links to blogs, info graphics, and quick image tutorials. 

Pinterest helps filter all the information out there, and lets you see it all at once. It eliminates having to click though Google search results and condenses everything so you can look though visual results sorted by popularity. 

It also nice to be able to keep handy any clear explanations, videos, or tutorials and instructions that have worked for you in the past. Here our some of My Favorites.

3. Color

Have some fabrics and not sure how the colors will look together? Use Pinterest!

I love looking up color combos! It's super addicting! This is great for studying color pallets, outfit coordinating, and what colors works for which seasons. 

With fabric I have on hand, sometimes I'll search "grey lace dress" and "grey lace top" to see which looks better or is more versatile.

4. Detailing & Design

Sometimes I pin clothing not because it's my style, but to keep as a reference for it's design or the details. 

High quality photos of clothes are great to use to study clothing structure and pattern construction. Compiling images of clothing with unique uses of trims, layering, hems, or textures makes a great reference. Also, you can use Pinterest to visualize the look of different fabric prints and patterns, as well as types of necklines, sleeve, and skirt lengths - before you start sewing!

I often look at Pinterest when working with plaids and stripes, to decide if I like horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. It's good for color-blocking, pocket location, and figuring out the look of eras and styles.

I pin a lot of detail oriented images to my Sewing Inspiration board, but I did a good amount of pinning for my Prom-sperations too.

5. Friends

I can't tell you how many times I've had a Birthday/Christmas party with friends and we've said "I got you this because I saw on Pinterest that you really like ...."

It's easy to connect and follow your friends on Pinterest, which is a fantastic way to be in the know on their fashion loves and personal style. 

It is so fun to check out a friend's clothing board to look for inspiration for a gift, and it exposes you to new fashions you may have never tried!

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