Wow! My First Post...

by Amy Draughon

Hi! Welcome to my website. I'm glad you're here!

Dressed Like A Dream has been an idea in my mind for quite a while. I am so excited it has finally become a reality! My mind is buzzing with tutorials, DIYs, and blog posts for the future!

For now, check out my Photo Gallery to get a taste of what's to come. It's filled with some of the clothes I have already been making. Are you dying for a tutorial for any of those dresses? 

Also, have a look at my About page to learn a bit more about me. Who am I? What's so fun about sewing? What does "dressed like a dream" mean?

Hopefully, this website and blog can show you my love of sewing, fashion, and creativity. I hope it can teach and inspire you to try something new, think of unique ideas, and customize and create your dream wardrobe. 

Comment below if you have any suggestions or requests for future posts and tutorials. 

Find Dressed Like A Dream on both Facebook and Pinterest (links are at the top of the web page) to stay updated and connected! 

Please come back soon! New tutorials will be up in the coming weeks!