Vampire Cape

by Amy Draughon

Here is a quick and classic Halloween costume: The Vampire Cape.

My youngest brother decided to be a vampire this year, and gave me the honor of making his cape. 

Since the day we got the fabric (middle of September) he's been asking: "So can we get started on that vampire cape?"

Well one night we did get started. 

The cape is a 1/4 circle with a collar and ties attached.

The cape was cut from drawing two semi circles from the corner of the fabric. One large and one small. 

October flew by and no progress was made... ("Can we work on that vampire cape today!?")... all the other costumes on my plate were more pressing.

But don't worry! An hour before trick or treating Halloween night...we finished it off with a collar.

The collar is a long trapezoid. I used interfacing to make it stiff enough to stand up. The ties are just strips I cut (the fabric is non-fraying).

Hopefully it was good enough!

Happy Halloween!