The Tardis Skirt & Costume

by Amy Draughon

Of all my Halloween costumes this fall, my favorite has been my Tardis outfit!

What's even better is that it did double duty as my Character Day costume for my school's Spirit Week AND as my Halloween costume AND the skirt is just great for everyday wear!

combine_images Tardis skirt.jpg

I got the fabric while out shopping for Disney costume material. I spotted the Tardis Blue in the remnant bin, and bought it hoping I could make do with just 1.5 yards. 

I had much higher aspirations for the costume. It was originally going to be a dress. Then the limited amount of fabric cut it down to a suspender strap skirt with Tardis window pockets and embellishments. 

But after making just the skirt, I loved it too much to risk ruining it!

It's a half circle skirt, with an elastic waistband and zipper in the back. (My first time doing those two together!)


Since I decided to forgo the pockets and decor for the sake of preserving a cute everyday skirt, I incorporated the Tardis with a scarf. I sewed white rectangles on with black thread for windows. The lettering was  painted freehand with acrylic paint. 


Luckily each time I wore the costume I was accompanied by The Doctor.

My friend was the Ninth Doctor (Fantastic costume!) on Character Day.

Character day.jpg

And my brilliant little brother was the Tenth Doctor! (click the link for more on his costume)

So there's the inside scoop on my new favorite skirt. Funny how things work out :)